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Current Interrupters for ON/OFF cycle tests


INC3 - Current Interrupter for ON/OFF tecnique testing.


INC3 is a CURRENT INTERRUPTER specifically designed to use in the ON-OFF cycle tests on cathodic protection systems.

It allows you to stop cyclically and in a programmed sequence, the current provided by the Cathodic Power Supply, in order to assess the polarization of the pipeline by means of the on-off technique.


The switch is of "static" type (MOSFET transistors), and manages currents of  15A / 30A / 60A / 100A without any constraint on the polarity, as with 150V voltage maximum interruptible, and without the bounces and typical timing inaccuracies of electromechanical contactor .


This device is characterized by an internal clock synchronized with the UTC time, thanks to the presence of the integrated GPS module. This allows the synchronized switching of two or more plants with very high precision and stability.

On demand, a remote management module (embedded) by SMS via GSM is available.


The apparatus is simple to use, both for the presence on board of a graphic LCD, both for the possibility to program it via the PC (free software provided).


INC3 is equipped with a special terminal suitable for the power cables connection to the circuit on test (cables up to 35 mm2); it is powered by an internal rechargeable battery for longer range, but can also operate with an external source (USB or power adapter 12V / 300mA supplied); the external source also provides for the charging of the internal battery.


INC3 is also available in the TL version designed for use in 230V AC systems with maximum 100A AC (electromechanical switches).

INC3 Main Features

  • Very specialized device (contains on board all you need)

  • Very competitive cost compared to the offered benefits

  • Self-powered (internal battery for more than 400 hours) or external 12V.

  • Small size and very light weight

  • Bipolar static switch (MOSFETs) to +/- 150V, Low Dropout.

  • Screw terminals for the connection to cables up to 35mm2

  • Easy interface to program sequences on site or via PC

  • Free software available for the programming via PC

  • Up to 16 sequences, each with its own program (time and number of cycles)

  • Internal clock synchronized to UTC time thanks to the integrated GPS module

  • Sync Error: <10 msec (25 ° C)

  • Remote management by SMS via GSM (optional)

INC3 is offered in 4 sizes (to be specified in the purchase order):


15A / 30A / 60A / 100A


INC3 is provided with:


  • Plug Charger

  • USB cable for the PC connection

  • User Manual

  • Free Software to program the device via PC

  • Carrying Case


for all documents related to the Micropi Current Interrupters previous models, please refers to the download area of this site.

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