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Cathodic Protection

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Power Supplies, Dataloggers, Current Interrupters, Dedicated Instruments & Accessories

HT Series

Automatic Power Supplies - Microprocessor Controlled

BN Series

Automatic Analogic Power Supplies

BF Series

Automatic Power Supplies - Photovoltaic Systems

DL12 Series

Dataloggers for measuring/data reporting

Multichannel Dataloggers for AC/DC measuring

INC Series

Current Interrupters for ON-OFF Technique

EPC Special Series

High Currents Power Supplies - Panel PC Controlled

TM Special Series

High Power Supplies - Oil Cooled


Accessories and Special Instruments

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Cathodic Protection Instruments equipment

The Micropi Cathodic Protection Equipment Division cooperates with the companies that install and sell cathodic protection systems for buried tanks, gas & water pipelines, heating distribution systems, metal structures, anticorrosion of steel in concrete, etc., both by providing cathodic protection standard electronic equipment to be installed in plants, or by designing new ones in order to solve the problems and simplify the engineer's job.


Micropi Elettronica was the first company in Italy (about twenty years ago) which proposed the PWM switch mode technology in the power supply units for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection technique; greeted with suspicion for some time (in the 90's seemed not plausible to obtain 1200W well regulated by a device that weighed only 7 kg!), the switcing control technology is now being appreciated and shared by almost everyone in the power electronics devices, also for heavy duty applications.


For over 15 years, Micropi has also introduced the microprocessor control, resulting in greater flexibility of use, and the possibility to incorporate also the data-logger and the current interrupter (cycle switch) in his power supplies for cathodic protection systems, as well as the device's complete remote management.


Thanks to the long experience acquired, now our power supplies are among the most comprehensive, lightweight, accurate and reliable available on the market today.


These are some of the reasons why this type of equipment we produce for years not  may be referred to simply as transformer rectifier for cathodic protection systems, as generically the power supply units are recognized in the oil & gas sector worldwide.


Our Data Loggers (smaller in size but endowed with alphanumeric display and control keys / programming) allow the installer to solve in a more simple and cheaper way the problems of monitoring and survey in any impressed current cathodic protection plant.


Our cathodic protection division offers three types of product:


  • Cathodic Protection Power Supplies, with a so wide range, that you can successfully deal with all the problems of active protection projects  (standard BN Series & HT Series, special TM Series, & EPC Series) including solar power supplies for Photovoltaic Cathodic Protection Systems (BF Series) for impressed current cathodic protection systems.


  • Data Loggers, including  DL Series to monitor / record the  P.D. (Potential Difference or Voltage Gradient) and current value at any protection system's point.


  • Dedicated Instruments & Accessories, including the specialized INC Series Current Interrupter (for the management of tests with the on/off technique) and other devices.

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