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Special Equipment & Accessories for Cathodic Protection Systems

MD14 - Viewer for 28 probes cathodic protection system survey


The MD14 viewer for cathodic protection systems is a compact and inexpensive device aimed to efficiently solve the problem of displaying the P.D. (Potential Difference or Voltage Gradient) in a survey system of 14 reservoirs, requiring cathodic protection from a single power supply (outside the unit).


The device accepts up to 28 input probes (2 per tank) and displays the P.D. of each tank compared with the selected probe. With MD14 the operator can evaluate at a glance the overall situation of the system, and choose the probe to connect to the power supply input.

MD14 Main Features

  • Power supply: 230Vac + / -15% -50 Hz;100mA consumption and 1A fuse 5X20

  • P.D. measurable from -10.0V to +10.0 V; differential type measure between the probe and the tank with 2 probes (selectable by panel) for each tank

  • P.D. between the tanks: + /-5V maximum without reading error and + /-50V maximum voltage without system fault

  • Operating environment temperature from -10 °C to +45 °C (within closet, no condensation)

  • International Protection Label IP23 (cabinet installation by road)

  • Dimensions and weight: 45.3X20.3X22.5 cm (WxHxD) of only 3 Kg

Cathodic Protection Instruments Equipment

N.B: Micropi also produces a line of equipment (SPCx series) which, in addition to the P.D. displaying (up to 40 probes), automatically select the reference probe, displays the current impressed to the tanks, and manages the "out of protection" alarms.

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