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Some answers from our Specialists and Customer Support about provided Services

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Micropi Elettronica designs, engineers and manufactures all of its devices, managing all phases. The look and functionality of our devices meet the specific and evolving needs of the market they target: it is always possible, however, to change the standard production both in terms of design (graphic characterizations, proprietary logos, marks, mechanical changes , etc.), both in functional terms (firmware, hardware, accessories, etc.) by responding to specific requests of our Customers, creating "customized" series when necessary.

Is it possible to customize the look and / or functionality of the Micropi equipment?

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Simply contact Micropi Elettonica via the contact form and / or our contact references, enclosing a brief note on the request about the apparatus or project to be undertaken, the necessary personal and business contact information: our Sales Department will be glad to call You back in order to provide clear guidance concerning prices, delivery arrangement, availability of all our products and acquire all the necessary information to provide an economic evaluation and technical feasibility, whether it is a new project.

What to do to have an evaluation on a custom and / or standard product?

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In its standard production, Micropi offers wide ranges of products designed to meet the different needs required by the various end-application markets. Our catalogs and brochures are designed to guide our Client choosing the device or family of devices more responsive to the minimum technical requirements required by the project. For the final choice of the apparatus to be used, we always recommend to contact our Specialists who will provide all possible additional indications for the best use of our products.

Which model to choose among the different types of a product catalog?

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All Micropi devices are designed and manufactured for industrial employment and only for use by qualified personnel in the installation phases and / or testing. The manual supplied with the equipment / device is essential for the correct installation and subsequent operational management of the device itself, as pointed out also by current laws/regulations, good technical practice and as well specified in the product warranty conditions.

Is it possible to install a Micropi apparatus without its Operations Manual?

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Simply submit a written request to Micropi Customer Service, specifying the model and serial number (if possible) of the equipment  in order to obtain a copy of the manual that corresponds to the exact version of the purchased device.

Is it possible to get a copy of the Operations Manual of a purchased device?

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All devices produced by Micropi Elettronica are made in accordance with current regulations regarding equipment for industrial electronics applications that meet the specific sectoral directives. Where not subject to subsequent approval by our Customers, the devices are supplied with the necessary Declarations of Conformity, enclosed in their operations manuals as well as any certification test.

What certifications Micropi equipment have?

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Some devices which are equipped with measurement instruments, are provided with the related Calibration Report. The document is typically valid for one year (unless otherwise specified) and may be renewed upon request. The renewal includes a contribution of emission that is previously quoted.

How to renew the Calibration Report of a purchased equipment?

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How long a Micropi product warranty lasts?

All equipment produced by Micropi Elettronica are warranted for 12 or 24 months from the date of purchase, as pointed out by the indications transcribed in the Operation Manual, provided in the apparatus delivery.

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Micropi Elettronica offers a Direct Technical Support for all devices of its production, based at Company Headquarters. Contacting Micropi Customer Support  via contact form and / or our contact refernces, you can get more information.

Where can I found Technical Support on the equipment?

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It is required to fill out completely and send the return authorization form (RMA), following the procedures specified therein.

These procedures are aimed at the maximum protection of the products purchased by the customer and sent in assistance during all phases of the exercise of warranty and allow more rapid and efficient recovery of the equipment.

The non-observance of these procedures exempt Micropi Elettronica from any obligation to Warranty inherent to the products themselves.

The form is available at the Download Area of this website or clicking on this link.

What to do for repairing a product under warranty?

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Customer can forward at our Plant the faulty device, without any prior authorization: after the technical analysis, we will release a repairing quotation, which must be approved by the Customer. The non-acceptance of the quotation will be charged the cost of intervention for verification. A preliminary contact with the Customer Support, however, is always recommended.

What to do for repairing a product out of warranty?

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It is always recommended, if the device allows it, to make a backup of all the data stored and configurations set in the equipment purchased and installed, before the forwarding of the device at our headquarters for repairing: the proper reparation of all the functionality of the equipment subjected to a technical intervention, often does not allow to restore previous configurations, settings and data recordings, made by the Customer after the installation.

What precautions are required for the data stored in the equipment sent for repairing?

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The availability of the equipment serial number, allows the Customer to easily communicate with all Micropi Departments in order to get the best support from them: any need, for technical, logistical or administrative activity would be necessary during the installation of the equipment or after, it will be easily managed and this way getting, as quickly as possible, all information related to the exact model, series, version, of the installed Micropi apparatus and all the accessories supplied.

Why is it always important to have the serial number of the purchased equipment?

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What standards Micropi adopts for calibration of measuring instruments

provided with its equipment?

Each Micropi apparatus that performs measurements (including viewing), is calibrated in accordance with the calibration procedures to be applied during the process of production and testing. These procedures are documented in the Manual of the Quality Management System and are designed to ensure that the instrument meets the specifications stated.

Standards and measurement tools used by Micropi during calibration of the equipment can be traced at our Accredited Calibration Laboratories (ACL). At planned intervals, standards of measurement of Micropi Elettronica are calibrated by comparison or measurement with the standards of the ACL Center, which guarantees the traceability to the forefront.

The full statement regarding calibration procedures adopted by Micropi for measuring instruments is available in the Download Area of the website or downloaded via this link.

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What’s the procedure to update the firmware version and/or SW Application installed on the Micropi equipment?

Some Micropi Elettronica equipment / devices have specific firmware and / or Application Software installed at the factory, and that allow you to perform basic as well as accessory functions using the equipment. For some of these programs, it is necessary, in time, the update in order to ensure correct and full functionality and performances of the devices purchased.

Where the device doesn’t implements a procedure for automatic update (in the presence of active link to the internet), the Micropi Technical Assistance will advise and possibly instruct its Customers about the procedures to apply to obtain the necessary updates, once they are released.

For information on previous software versions or more detailed  instructions, you can contact the Micropi Customer Support.

For further information about Micropi Elettronica and the best use of all the equipment of its production, please contact us at the following references:

tel.: +39 (0)81 8291159 - fax: +39 (0)81 5116798 - e-mail:

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