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Software Protection

USB Hardware Keys - Software Antipiracy, Application Protection & Licenses Management
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Author Micropi Elettronica Srl - All Rights reserved

The problem of software piracy is more and more urgent, and causes significant damage to software applications producers around the world:


regardless of the size of the software-house, the ability to prevent the unauthorized duplication of its software makes the difference between having a turnover able to support the growth of the company or be forced to leave the market.

Not to mention that, the greater the ability to penetrate the market of an Application (hence its popularity), the greater the risk of circulating counterfeit duplication (or at least the attempts).


Protecting your software from illegal copies might seem a hopeless task: a simple, effective and inexpensive way to protect your software from illegal duplication is




Micropi Electronics began to design and produce hardware keys from the early 80s: the first hardware keys worked on systems that currently only few can remember (8080 / Z80), confronting with compatibility issues what are largely overcome nowadays from the current HW/SW architectures.


Today we are among the largest producers of hardware keys in Italy and we count among our customers several prominent developers and leading software houses of nationwide degree, who trust in our collaboration and to whom we guarantee, as always, experience, reliability and expertise.


In all these years, our keys were never been hacked and, for more than 30 years, Micropi provides all necessary assistance to its customers, both during the installation and after sales service.

All those who have implemented a Micropi hardware key protection can attest that it is a very important competitive and advantage factor, also in relation to their competitors.


Our dongles are produced in large scale and distributed directly:

this enables us to provide prices among the lowest of the market, even for small production lots!

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