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Genset Controllers

Generating Sets Automation - Universal Central Units, Automatic Control Panels, Network Interface Modules and Optional Components

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Micropi Elettronica deals with Industrial Automation for over 25 years.

The long experience acquired through the design and production of equipment specifically for the Generating Sets automation in the most different areas (including military, airports, hospitals, and telecommunications) is merged into the GENSET Automation Division, which are involved in producing units designed to meet all the needs of this sector manufacturers: manual control panels for Generator Sets, automatic controllers for Generating Sets, Control Units for Full Automatic Management of Parallels with Mains or several Gensets, Controllers for Marine Generator Sets, panels for remote viewing and remote system mangement, network and MODBUS interfaces, GSM modules.


The choice of highest quality components and the adoption of strict and thorough testing procedures, allow us to obtain products of very high reliability.


Several types of Controllers for Generating Sets are available:


the EM Series, is designed for the automation of gensets of basic level, with manual, semi-automatic, automatic panel.


the  CG98 model (CG series) is designed for the management of genset automatic panels of medium power;


the CG2007 model (CG series) is designed for the management of high-power machines and very reliable performances under all conditions.


As tools to build up automation panels for professional generator sets Micropi Elettronica has also developed specific devices (e.g. network interfaces modules for remote management also via web/GSM and or MODBUS interfaces or different protocols) designed to build complete Genset control panels.

*Model subject to Phase Out 

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