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Genset Remote Control Panel

REM20 Model

REM20 is a complete remote control panel designed for EM20 main unit, communicating via CAN bus.


It can be powered both 12V and 24V.

When connected to EM20 control unit and powered, all alarms, messages and measures of the master unit are also shown on the REM20 display.


Pressing "STOP", "+", "-" and "START" on the REM20 keyboard you can move easily through the EM20 menus.


In addition to display all the available measurements on the  remote control unit, you can check from the REM20 display the overall status of the main system (MODE, STATE GROUP, ALARM, OUTPUT).


REM20 also allows sending Genset commands (Engine Start / Stop, Operating Mode MANUAL / AUTO, Reset fault) and allows the individual programming of the EM20 operating parameters.


Via the ON / OFF panel selector it is possible to turn on or even turn off the EM20 control unit tele-controlled, in order to avoid the genset battery discharge due to EM20 self-consumption.


Finally, REM20 allows  to link more units to the same EM20 unit to achieve multiple control / command stations.


REM20 is available in different versions and configurations, customizable both graphically and functionally.

Typical Applications



  • Genset Island Mode

  • Manual Panels

  • Semiautomated Panals

*** Subject to Phase Out ***

Author Micropi Elettronica Srl - All Rights reserved


Major Benefits

  • Viewing of all EM20 available measures on the remote control unit

  • Displaying the complete state of the system (MODE, STATE GROUP ALARM OUTPUT)

  • Entering the genset command (Engine START / STOP Operating mode MANUAL / AUTO reset fault)

  • Programmability of all the individual EM20 operational parameters

  • Ability to connect multiple REM20 units to the same EM20 master unit

  • Available in different versions / configurations, customizable both graphical and functional

Main Features

  • Power supply 12V or 24V

  • Communication based on CAN BUS

  • Self consumption: max 2W

  • Display: (2x16 characters) backlit LCD display + 6 high-brightness LEDs

  • OPERATION MODES: Normal, Listener (monitor only)

  • Message Language: English (with no link)

  • BUS CABLE LENGTH: 300m, compatible with the CAN standard

  • Dimensions and protection: 190x150x60 mm (LxHxD) IP65 (front) or IP54 (front) on demand

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