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Genset Controller Unit

EM8 Model

EM8 is a Genset electronic control unit designed to offer the most advanced technology currently available at the most competitive cost, compared to the best products on the market.


The device can be powered either 12V or 24V (automatic switching) and remains operational even if the battery voltage falls to 2.5V (eg. after several start attempts with battery low).


This unit is endowed with graphic LCD, dedicated buttons and LEDs designed to get a very intuitive operability and a easy on field programming, also via the Internet: User logo, messaging, languages; possibility of upgrading the operating system through the RS232 serial port.

It has fully programmable inputs / outputs (active state, delay, effect, message) and allows complete ents TRUE RMS analog measurements : power factor, power, active / reactive power on each phase; the modeling of the analog sensors response curves is fully managed.


EM8 has a great historical memory (1MB) for automatic recording of more than 600 events, with time / date / measures and is accompanied by an extensive set of serial ports: RS232, RS485, CAN; predisposition for ETHERNET and GSM *. Provides the following communication protocols: Micropi, MODBUS, SAE J1939 (engine control unit), TCP / IP.

The device has the motor speed input from W, HALL or inductive pickup; it can read the frequency band and can operate in AUTOMATIC mode, using external AMF or in MOTOR PUMP mode. Goes in Auto-off function when in standby and has REMOTE on / off input.

The panel is IP65 (compatible dimensions with previous Micropi models EM20 / EM30) and has an extended operating temperature range (-25 / + 60 ° C).


The Oscilloscope function is one of its greatest strengths: it shows the time course of various electrical parameters/measures; expansion possibilities with additional plug-in modules *,  also for the management of the parallel.


EM8 is available in different versions and configurations, all customizable in both graphical and functional ways.


* Only in EM8/F version.

Typical Applications



  • Manual Panels

  • Semiautomatic Panels

  • Parallel management (optional)

  • Motor Protection

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Major Benefits

  • Excellent price / performance ratio

  • Wide on field programmability also via INTERNET

  • Operation guaranteed with low battery level (down to 2.5V)

  • Graphic LCD, dedicated buttons and LEDs to get a easy and very intuitive operability

  • Great historical memory (1MB) for automatic recording of events

  • Oscilloscope function

  • Large set of serial ports and communication protocols *

  • Ability to operate in AUTOMATIC via external AMF

  • Expansion capabilities with additional plug-in modules *

  • Available in different versions / configurations, all with customizable graphics and features

Main Features

  • Power Supply 12V or 24V (autoswitch)
  • Fully programmable Inputs / Outputs (active state, delay, effect)

  • 7 on / off inputs, 6 of which are freely programmable on 28 different functions

  • 6 on / off outputs 800mA, all freely programmable on 47 different functions

  • Sleep function and ON / OFF input from REM

  • Updating the operating system via serial port

  • input turns from W, or inductive pickup HALL; reading generator frequency

  • 65 types of alarm / fault all programmable

  • Complete TRUE RMS analog measurements: power factor, power, energy, active / reactive on each phase

  • Modeling of the analog sensors response curves, with sensors integrity check

  • Clock / calendar with separated battery; 90dB BEEP on board

  • Dimensions and protection degree: 190x150x60 mm (LxHxD) IP65 (front)

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