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Genset Remote Management System

EM25 EVO Model

EM25 EVO is a system for Genset (manual or automatic) remote management via a CAN with the possibility of multiple control stations.

It consists of two components at least: the EM25M module, designed to be mounted on board of Genset, and one or more EM25C control modules, intended for the installation on remote control panels (eg. a boat instrument board).


The controller incorporates many of the accessories normally required to implement a manual control panel such as measuring instruments, hour meter, start counter, etc.

It can be powered at 12V or 24V.


EM25 EVO reads and displays: 3 generator voltages (phase-phase, phase-neutral if single phase), frequency, 3 load currents, power, battery voltage, fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure.

The measures are also used for the genset protection and diagnostics.


In the EM25 EVO system, the EM25C component is a programming and diagnosis terminal (6 keys + graphic LCD 64x128) allowing an easy dialog with the user, and it can adjust over 70 programmable parameters.


The system manages all required alarms: voltage, frequency, current and alternator temperature, oil pressure and temperature, cooling water level and engine temperature, fuel level, alternator belt, overspeed, battery status, differentiation status, etc.

It allows diagnostics with clear messages about the operating status, and on current measures or alarms.

It has a SUPERMANUAL operating mode (run on sight, with alarms inhibited), for emergency situations. An external voltage relay can be used to build a full automatic panel.


In addition to the standard I / O, the System has 4 programmable outputs and 4 programmable inputs to adapt it to any type of genset or system requirement (electrostop, low speed, glow plugs, remote alarms, ...). It has an RS232 serial port (optional) for telemetry, remote management, or quick programming via PC.


EM25M is made of sturdy and compact metal housing, finished with an epoxy resin coating.


EM25C container is made of plastic material.


Removable connectors are provided for both.

Typical Applications



  • Manual Panels

  • Automatic Panels

  • Marine Gensets

  • Motor Protection

Remote Management Example Using Micropi

Network Interfaces

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Major Benefits

  • Genset remote control via CAN with the possibility of multiple locations

  • Backlit LCD graphic display; dedicated buttons and LEDs for a very intuitive operability

  • Zero internal consumption with the system switched OFF

  • Main alarms managing: voltage, frequency, overcurrent, short circuit, oil pressure and temperature, water level and temperature, fuel level, alternator belt, overspeed, battery status, start failure, stop failure, alternator overtemperature

  • Over 70 programmable parameters via programming / diagnosis terminal

  • Available in different versions / configurations, all with customizable graphics and features


Main Features

  • Power supply 12V or 24V (to be specified)

  • 9 on / off inputs, including 4 programmable on 12 functions

  • 11 analog inputs (10-bit ADC)

  • 3 operating modes: manual, super manual, automatic

  • 4 programmable outputs at 200mA open collector transistors, 2 relay outputs

  • Main Alarms by the means of messaging on the graphic display

  • Analog measures: generator phase reading, current reading, frequency reading, battery voltage, apparent power

  • Protections: oil pressure, oil temperature, water level, water temperature, overspeed, engine belt, battery, radiator, oil, maintenance expiration, over-current, short circuit, over temperature, differential release

  • Serial Ports: CAN, RS232; MODBUS optional

  • Protection degree: IP54 (front EM25C)

  • Dimensions: 96x96x70 mm EM25C (LxHxD);               EM25M 153x125x40 mm (LxHxD)

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