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Cathodic Protection Data Logger


In a modern cathodic protection system it is essential to monitor and / or record continuously and precisely the Potential Difference (P.D.) between the protected structure and the environment surrounding it.

The Micropi Elettronica data logger have been specifically designed to have a compact and easy to use device, containing on board all you need to make long recordings of the P.D. and the impressed current in the system; they are also provided of the necessary interfaces for the data download, as well as a dedicated software for data post-processing (including graphics) via PC.


The DL Series includes two new families of Data-logger:

  • DL12, with DL12A, DL12B, DL12C, DL12D versions

  • DL23, with DL23A, DL23B, DL23C, DL23D versions

The devices datalogger DL12 are very small in size, such as to be lodged in the common road-pole measuring box; they work with a  rechargeable battery, and are equipped with a display and keypad that allows you to program them extremely quickly and without the need of a PC; they can be remotely managed via GSM (optional).

DL12x Main Features


  • The DL12A model has only one channel dedicated for the measurement and recording of the P.D. (4 scales); it is equipped with a USB port.


  • The DL12B model has only one channel (6 scales) specialized for the measurement and recording of the P.D. as vers. "A", but in addition to the USB port also houses an RS232 port and is battery charger provided.


  • The DL12C model has only one channel dedicated for the measurement and recording of the CURRENT; is equipped with a USB port. The shunt is external, and can be 5A / 15A / 28A (available on request).


  • The DL12D model is a dual-channel data logger, which is configurable (from keyboard) for the measurement and recording of both current and voltage (P.D. 6 scales). It is equipped with RS232, USB, battery charger. The shunt is external as for vers. "C".

DL23x Main Features

  • The Data Logger DL23 family is equipped with three insulated channels, able to store and also transmit via GSM the three main electrical parameters typically managed in a Cathodic Protection System: PD TUBE-GROUND, OUTPUT VOLTAGE and OUTPUT CURRENT provided by the automatic power supply, including the AC Value readings.


  • They get a very low consumption: their operating time may be up to 2 years, while their very large memory (2 million samples) allows up to 4 years of recordings.


  • Shunt on board (15A/30A/50A according to the version)

  • Small dimension & weight (16x12x5 cm, 780 g)

  • Optional: GSM module with external antenna


for all documents related to the Micropi Datalogger previous models, please refers to the download area of this site.

Here are some screen shots of the application software DLtoPC included in the supply of the dataloggers DL Series

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