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The Ansaldo Trasporti, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Salerno, had to conduct a detailed investigation on the failure phenomena of the insulators used in the new AC motors of electric trains TAV.


It was necessary to force the winding insulation with high voltage pulses (6KVpp), very fast up / down fronts (3KV / micros), and low internal impedance (output current of 28A peak), by monitoring any failure of the insulation.


Not existing a generator of this type available on the market, the D.I.I.E. Department commissioned to Micropi the design and implementation of a system capable to meet all the stringent specifications posed.


Micropi developed on that occasion an electronic equipment equivalent to a macrotransitor mosfet of 3200V / 28A with opto-isolated gate, and has made several units of this generator.


Thanks to them, they were efficiently realised various test cycles, both at Ansaldo Laboratories and at D.I.I.E.


The devices are still in operation.

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