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GR1520 is a power generator designed to conduct research and experiments on the ohmic heating in the food industry. It provides bipolar square waves at 25KHz with adjustable amplitude and duty cycle (effective value of the output voltage: 0 to 1500V) with load current up to 20Arms and maximum power of 15KW.


Considering  the application field, it has been accompanied by a section of management / control  very sophisticated, which allows its use in the R&D laboratory on a very wide range of experimental situations: it can work with constant voltage, constant power, constant temperature.


The output voltage can be adjusted by steps of 10Vrms, from 0 to 1500Vrms; adjustment is made by varying both the duty cycle ratio (full / empty) of the square wave output, and by varying the value of peak / peak wave (of 6 values: + /-100Vpk, + /-200Vpk, + /-300Vpk, + /-600Vpk, + /-1000Vpk, + / 1500Vpk), the choice of the voltage peak can be both automatic and manual (to set a limitation security steps); it measures and displays: output voltage (resolution 10 Vrms), output current (with resolution 0.1 Arms), output power (10W or 100W with resolution) measurements are made using specialized hardware that returns the true value effective voltage and current.


GR1520 The output is galvanically isolated from the mains, and has a pole connected to the frame (and then to the safety ground); this allows its use also in an industrial plant, with cells having a pole on the ground. The setpoint (voltage / power / temperature) can be sent in 3 ways: by buttons on panel, 10-turn potentiometer, or from an external PC.

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